Digital Water Group

Welcome to the homepage for Water New Zealand's Digital Water Group. The Digital Water group caters to all people involved or interested in issues related to the collection, management and effective use of digital information for the water industry.

Water New Zealand Modelling and Digital Water Sympsoium 2017

The Digital Water Group member interests are represented by an inaugural management committee, nominated at the September 2015 WaterNZ annual conference and operate under the umbrella of Water New Zealand.

The Groups key objectives include:

  • Provide data-driven innovation and leadership to our sector through encouraging dialogue and progression in the digital infrastructure space.
  • Promote a more modern approach to the digital information pipeline and the way people work with water related data and making it open, accessible, and understandable to all stakeholders
  • Facilitate the development of open data policies and standards to improve the exchange and understanding of digital information between relevant organisations, particularly in relation to water asset planning, operation and maintenance.
  • Understand and assist in overcoming the the barriers to data acquisition and access
  • Educate on the use of data analytics for better business decision making

The groups objectives and progress will be promoted and communicated to the wider community through symposia, open meetings, and digital media. The group welcomes all service providers that share its open data principles.

We welcome your comments and feedback - please contact the Digital Water Group liaison or fill in the feedback form if you have suggestions for the Group or would like to be involved with the Digital Water Group.

Water New Zealand members can view the Digital Water committees details here.