Water New Zealand collaborates with a range of stakeholders to deliver projects that pool the collective knowledge of our membership. Projects are funded through; Water New Zealand finances, government funding, project participant fees, or grants.

Most projects are driven by Work Plans of our Special Interest Groups and Water Service Managers Group. Members may also propose projects, where support of the broader membership and outputs benefiting the New Zealand Water industry can be demonstrated.

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Current Projects

Organic Materials Guide

Guidelines for beneficially reusing organic materials on land are under development.A draft is available at this link.The guidelines will supersede 2003 Guidelines for the Safe Application of Biosolids to Land and include additional organic material such as animal manures, and other agricultural waste materials, that also contain pathogens and contaminants.Water New Zealand,WasteMINZ, the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research (CIBR) and the New Zealand Land Treatment Collective (NZLTC), together with the Ministries of Environment, Health and Primary Industries have been collaborating on the delivery of these Guidelines.

Good Practice Guide Supply of Fluoride for Use in Water Treatment

In response to changes in regulation, Water New Zealand are consolidating and updating the existing Code of Practice for the Fluoridation of Drinking-Water Supplies in New Zealand and a Good Practice Guide Supply of Fluoride for Use in Water Treatment. The guide will be produced in two volumes, covering minimum criteria for safe operation, and good practices for design respectively. The two volumes are being funded by the Water Services Managers' Group and delivered by Lutra, and the Ministry of Health and delivered by Beca, respectively.

Urban Stormwater Modelling Guide

Guidance is being developed to provide a nationally consistent and robust urban stormwater modelling process. The guide will ensure a standard and consistent approach to urban flood hazard modelling which will give certainty to councils and other end users. It is being produced with significant sector input to ensure the guide is owned and understood by the industry. The project will be completed in two phases. The initial phase is focused on collation of existing approaches, and gap identification. The second phase will develop a national urban stormwater flood hazard modelling approach. Project advisory is being supported by Stormwater and Modelling special interest groups, with funding support from the Department of Internal Affairs.

Waterloss Guidance Update

Existing waterloss guidance material is being revised to further assist water service managers to reduce losses within water distribution networks. The revisions are being led by Thomas Consultants, in partnership with Water Cycle Consulting, WSP and Beca. An industry advisory group consisting of representatives of Wellington Water, Watercare, Whakatane District Council, and University of Auckland are providing oversight of the guides development. The project is funded by the Water Services Managers' Group.

Recently Completed Projects