Water Services Managers' Group (WSMG)

The Water Services Managers' Group (WSMG) is made up of Territorial Local Authorities or their agents who are responsible for the management of water supply, trunk sewers, local reticulation, sewage treatment and stormwater assets. This group was formed by a merger of the Water Supply Managers' and Drainage Managers' Groups in November 2007.

Chair: Kalley Simpson, Waimakariri District Council

Murray England, Selwyn District Council

Lorraine Kendrick, Beca (Water New Zealand Board Representative)

EJ Wentzel, Hauraki District Council

Mark Hall, New Plymouth District Council

Jayesh Solanki, Auckland Council

Major aims of the group

  • Promote the interests and needs of Three Waters with all sectors through Water New Zealand.
  • Provide advice on new technology, best practice and share technical knowledge for the advancement of the three water services.
  • Ensure involvement and participation in Regional and National Standards; provide technical leadership and advice.
  • Undertake projects in areas of common need and interest.
  • Provide a support network for all WSMG members.


Membership of the group is available to one representative of any Territorial Authority or its agent having the role of managing water services and assets or wastewater services and assets and specifying the level of service received by customers. Members of the WSMG must be a Corporate Member of Water New Zealand and pay the membership fee to belong to the Group. In addition, the bulk water supply providers of the Auckland and Wellington regions shall be eligible for membership.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available, on application, to organisations having the role of managing water, wastewater or stormwater services and assets and is either a fully paid Corporate Member or has a nominated staff member who is an Individual Member of Water New Zealand.

Associate Membership applications shall be submitted to the Committee and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. A majority committee vote shall be required for acceptance to be included in the Group. The committee will determine the project levies allocation.

Contact the WSMG liaison to find out when the next meeting is to be held