Latest Developments Increase the Capabilities of Sprial Would Liners

Annual Conference

For many years spiral wound liners have been the most used type of liner for the rehabilitation of deteriorated sewers and stormwater conduits throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Interflow Pty Limited has been installing the world’s most advanced spiral wound lining systems under a licensing agreement with Rib Loc Australia Pty Ltd, later Sekisui Rib Loc Australia. This agreement has allowed Interflow to exclusively install these liners across New Zealand and Australia.

Continuous development that has occurred with these liners over the past 20 years has been made possible by the co-operation that exists between the developers and the Water Authorities who are the end users. Now a 20 year strategic alliance recently signed between Interflow and Sekisui Rib Loc Australia, has increased the resources available for future developments.

This paper will highlight the most recent, as well as upcoming, developments in spiral wound liners that have furthered their capabilities for the renewal of deteriorated underground conduits. They have enabled many of the limitations of spiral wound lining technology to be overcome.

All of these advances have increased the possibilities for more effective pipeline rehabilitation, in many cases where there was no practical alternative. As with previous spiral wound lining advances, they will be first demonstrated in this region before being made available to others around the world.

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19 Dec 2016