18 Jan 2018

Fresh start for water quality standards

The Government is pushing ahead with plans to make freshwater standards stricter in a bid to improve water quality, the Minister for the Environment says.

Preliminary work to create a new national freshwater policy has begun, with formal plans expected to start by the middle of the year.

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Bold decisions needed quickly to improve drinking water quality

Fixing our drinking water issues requires bold decisions and leadership by central government. Water New Zealand's CEO John Pfahlert, speaking on RNZ says it's imperative the government moves quickly to avoid another contamination outbreak.

Govt urged to act quickly on drinking water changes

The government is being urged to announce changes to improve drinking water quickly or risk losing support for change.

12 Jan 2018

Water New Zealand in the news: Technical Manager, Noel Roberts on the front page of The Dominion Post, commenting on water wastage. The article also featured data from our National Performance Review Survey

Water is one of New Zealand's most precious commodities, yet we're losing more than 101 billion litres of it every year through leaks and wastage.

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Water New Zealand in the News: Councils grappling with need to upgrade storm water systems after sewage contamination fears at Kiwi beaches

Summer sun seekers have been heading back to beaches after this week's storm, but a handful of spots are too polluted to swim in.

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Quake Centre Projects

Water New Zealand attended the annual partner workshop on the 5th December. A number of interesting projects have or are nearing completion that members may be interested in.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and represents organisations within the water industry in New Zealand. We hold conferences, and provide training, books and other publications.

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