25 Jun 2018

The Shaping of Water - Sunday Star Times

How Water New Zealand has rapidly become an industry 'go-to' group - Sunday Star Times report.

Please note factual errors - John Mackie is a board member but not Board Chair as incorrectly stated.

Water New Zealand promotes the sustainable management and development of the water environment. We have almost 2000 corporate and individual members made up of decision-makers and technologists from central and local government, industry, the academic and research communities, consultants as well as service and equipment supply organisations.

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Huka Falls
Wellington manufacturers admit spilling plastic beads down storm water drains

A Lower Hutt plastics company has owned up for its part in the hundreds of thousands of plastic beads that are scattered around Wellington coastlines.

Improvement of waterways could take decades

It could be years before high nitrate levels drop in South Canterbury catchments, a groundwater scientist says

An Inaugral Regional Event: Coastal and River Gathering

The ups and downs of tectonics, sea-level and sediment supply in the recent geological history of Wellington Harbour” by Scott D. Nodder – Principal Scientist, Marine Geology – NIWA.

So why do we need a Supercomputer to forecast the Weather?” by Michael Uddstrom, Principal Scientist, Environmental Forecasting – NIWA.

EWB/NZ's Humanitarian Engineering 2018

EWB/NZ's Humanitarian Engineering 2018 is a one-day conference which will bring together like-minded professionals in the humanitarian engineering sector to share their knowledge about sustainable development and human-centred design.

7th Public Sector Director & Executive Level Leadership Forum

This summit brings together an inspirational array of public sector leaders who will share their journeys and highlight how they excel in turbulent times. You’ll leave with the confidence to turn any career challenge into a new opportunity

7 Jun 2018

Stormwater Update

Stormwater Group Committee

Congratulations to James Reddish and Troy Brockbank, elected Chair and Deputy Chair respectively, at the recent Stormwater Group AGM; and welcome to new committee members.

Thanks to all outgoing committee members, in particular Mike Hannah and Dean Watts for their Chairmanship roles.

Stormwater Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 awards:

  1. Professional of the Year , Bronwyn Rhynd, CKL
  2. Paper of the Year , CONTINUOUS SIMULATION MODELLING TO SUPPORT HEALTHY WATERWAYS; Jahangir Islam (AECOM), Josh Irvine (WSP Opus), Nick Brown and Nadia Nische (both Auckland Council)
  3. The inaugural Stormwater Innovation Award, Stormwater 360’s “LittaTrap™”.

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John Pfahlert CEO of Water New Zealand discusses possible wide ranging reforms to our three water services.

So what's in the pipeline for reform? And who is going to pay to replace the ageing infrastructure? John Pfahlert is the Chief Executive of Water New Zealand and Marcus Rink is the Chief Inspector of Drinking Water at the UK's Dept of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DIA 3 Waters Paper

The Government has released its Cabinet paper Review of three waters infrastructure: key findings and next steps.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and represents organisations within the water industry in New Zealand. We hold conferences, and provide training, books and other publications.

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