22 Feb 2018

Why do we need to treat groundwater to make it safe to drink?

Havelock North Inquiry Outcomes Seminars Brochure

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Mike Joy opinion: Chlorinating water is admitting environmental failure

The recent call for chlorination of all water supplies marks a sad landmark in New Zealand's environmental history. It is the latest in a series of related markers of freshwater pollution. We have reached the point where three quarters of our native freshwater fish species hit the threatened list and passed the point where more than half our rivers became unswimmable.

Councils concerned by possible drinking water changes

Wholesale change is coming to New Zealand water supplies if the Havelock North drinking water inquiry has its way, and southern councils are worried about the costs to their water assets.

Water New Zealand environmental scientist Jim Graham and technical manager Noel Roberts were in Invercargill on Tuesday to explain the recommendations from the inquiry to southern council representatives.

30 Jan 2018

Noel Roberts featured in "Can you taste it? All your water chlorination questions answered"

Noel Roberts, technical manager at Water New Zealand, a non-profit organisation focused on the water sector, has answers to the ins and outs of water chlorination.

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