11 Dec 2018

US water scientist shocked by NZ's poor water quality

A visiting water scientist from the United States Department of Agriculture has been surprised by the poor quality of New Zealand's fresh water. Mark Borchardt is a research microbiologist whose work has been used to improve water quality and protect the health of millions of Americans from waterborne disease.

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Water bottle
NZ Consumer Report: Bottled water vs Tap water

Don’t be sweet-talked into thinking bottled water is any better for you than tap water. Water New Zealand’s Technical Manager Noel Roberts says drinking water suppliers regularly test for bacteria, protozoa and chemical contaminants

Draft Water New Zealand Submission on Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Bill

Please find attached a draft submission from Water New Zealand on the Health (Drinking Water) Amendment Bill.

23 Nov 2018

Pipeline 22 November

View Pipeline 22 November 2018 here.

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Pipeline 8 November

View Pipeline from 8 November 2018 here.

Pipeline 25 October 2018

View Pipeline from 25 October 2018 here.

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