Asset Data Visulisation

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Modern Asset Management Systems and Tools are about reducing the friction between the data and users so that engineers can focus on improved solutions. Our dashboards and GIS tools allow for the visualisation and active management of individual jobs. Solutions have been developed to remove paper-based data capture so that inspection and fault information can easily be shared with key stakeholders, speeding up decision making processes. On operations and maintenance contracts with high work volumes and significant numbers of complex assets these tools have led to improved efficiency.

Downer has significant expertise in the application of GIS and is one of only three Esri Gold Partners in New Zealand. This has allowed Downer to develop a range of GIS tools to support its Infrastructure Services business. The use of GIS dashboards linked to real time job management information aids in the dispatching process to visualise data held within the work management system. In addition, inspection data is captured electronically in the field and is immediately available for viewing through a portal. This enables real time access to inspection information by multiple stakeholders.

Some of the many benefits from the field data capture tools have included:

  • Confirmation that routine activities have been completed as scheduled (providing clients with confidence that ‘we do what we say we do’);
  • Identification and rescheduling of work that could not be accessed;
  • Monitoring productivity, activities completed per day, km travelled per task;
  • Identification of hotspots and optimisation of maintenance, inspection or cleaning frequencies;
  • Identifying and recording asset condition and defects and making recommendations for capital improvements;
  • Assigning and verifying field assets to a unique asset ID (previously this was not possible and is fundamental if the information is to be of value to the asset managers);
  • Scheduling tool;
  • Easy access to current information by the client;
  • Spatial view of information that can also be presented as Excel data for analysis
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19 Dec 2016