TCC - Improving the Management of the Three Waters Networks

Annual Conference

Tauranga City Council had contracted Downer to undertake their Three Waters GIS Enhancement project. This project transformed their existing GIS into a planning and analysis powerhouse.

While the existing TCC GIS system offered excellent access to spatial data, there were requirements relating to operational processes, planning and scenario analysis that were not easily addressed creating significant demand on the GIS team. Workarounds were unsustainable and a more robust solution was sought which would provide more timely and efficient accessibility for improved decision making.

The preferred solution was to leverage Out-of-the-Box tools as much as possible to deliver the required functionality, minimising customisation, development effort and cost. Solutions were integrated with Esri’s ArcGIS Platform to be compatible with TCC’s existing GIS system. This approach had a number of distinct advantages:

  • Allowed full access to underlying features and data via ArcGIS mapping services
  • Leveraged off TCC’s existing Esri ELA licencing arrangements, no additional licencing costs
  • Incorporates latest GIS and technologies
  • Cost effective approach with greater financial flexibility
  • Greater solution flexibility

All the time savings achieved by the delivered tools now free up technical staff to perform more advanced/specific analysis, instead of cleansing data or performing mundane and slow tasks manually.

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19 Dec 2016