Stormwater Conference

Modern asset management systems and Tools are about reducing the friction between the data and users so that asset owners and managers can focus on improved solutions. This is never more important than during an emergency when accurate and timely information needs to be shared.

Our advanced works management systems and dashboards allow for the visualisation and active management of all jobs, providing transparency of what is unfolding across the infrastructure assets in a timely way as well as indicating the extent of the issues. This allows for improved communication and reporting to key stakeholders, allowing the decision makers to act quickly during the early stages of an emergency event. It also supports the day to day management of reactive, routine and planned work activities where there are significant job volumes and conflicting priorities.

Downer has successfully applied these new systems and dashboards which is illustrated in the following case studies.

Case Study 1: Wanganui Civil Defence Emergency event June 2015: The largest flooding event to hit the Wanganui district since records began, with rivers rising to over 9m above normal levels, causing significant devastation. The Downer team were responsible for managing over 2,000 separate slip/dropout locations, numerous drainage system failures and bridging issues.

Case Study 2: Watercare Reticulation Maintenance Contract which commenced on 1 July 2015: This is the largest water reticulation contract

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16 Jan 2017