Stormwater Conference

The most commonly asked questions about pervious paving is its clogging and long-term performance. To account for potential clogging an infiltration “safety factor” of 10 is generally applied. But what is the measured infiltration rate of different types of pervious paving over time in different environments? How effective is surface cleaning to restore its original infiltration rate?

This study measured surface infiltration rates and structural integrity of pervious paving installations constructed throughout the Auckland region since 2004. The paper also compares before and after changes in infiltration rates from cleaning. This new, innovative method for cleaning pervious pavement can be applied at scales from a single driveway to large parking areas. The ‘Eco-pave Cleaner’ works through the application of small water jets to initially dislodge the sediments, followed up by vacuum suction. The study shows a marked improvement of surface infiltration rates. Recommendations are given to the frequency and type of maintenance to ensure the long-term performance of pervious paving.

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3. Dr. Kettle and Crossland - Long Term Performance of Pervious Paving.pdf

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17 Jan 2017