Resilience Examples in Reservoirs, Pump Stations and Pipelines – Lessons Learned From the Canterbury Earthquakes

Annual Conference

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010/2011, key Christchurch City Council (CCC) water and wastewater infrastructure was severely damaged. This paper looks at important resilience lessons learned for three core components: 

  • Reservoirs 
  • Pump Stations 
  • Pipelines

The paper will look at examples of CCC infrastructure that proved to be resilient during the earthquakes, along with examples of failures and the lessons learned. Particular consideration is given to how these learning’s can be incorporated into future designs. A key lesson is that resilience does not need to be an expensive exercise in every case; step changes in resilience can be achieved with appropriate design detailing. Understanding of geotechnical hazards and influence on seismic performance of infrastructure is important. A multi-discipline approach, in conjunction with the asset owner, assists in identifying critical vulnerabilities. This, in turn, allows the design to focus on an appropriate level of resilience, optimising project life cycle value.

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19 Apr 2016