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This paper is a case study of the future-proofing of the stormwater infrastructure for Richmond, the largest town township in the Tasman District. Borck Creek is one of the critical watercourses in the Richmond catchment serving a 1,400 hectare catchment area. It has gone through a significant journey of planning to secure a corridor not only for the use of stormwater relief, but also providing public amenity and ecological value.

This paper covers the following:

  • A review of Richmond’s flooding issues – key project driver.
  • Programme planning process.
  • Description of project implementation for the current work.
  • Lessons learned.

Although these types of projects appear straightforward in their engineering and construction requirements, they can be the most complex to undertake owing to the range of differing needs from a large number of stakeholders.

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2. Tomkinson and Blythe Borck Creek -Strategic Stormwater Planning.pdf

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26 Apr 2017