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The Little Oneroa Stream Project is a community driven or bottom up integrated catchment management planning project utilising the Logical Framework Approach. Two series of workshops were held with professionals, community and council members to establish a collaborative multidisciplinary team, with a unified understanding of the challenges and agreed action plan to meet them. This paper endeavors to show how this bottom up approach incorporates community beliefs, focuses on the real problems, creates a multidisciplinary environment, and best utilises community resources for the planning process to meet the challenges of the catchment in hopes of restoring this once vibrant stream.

The Little Oneroa Stream is located on Waiheke Island and is the most visible stream discharging through one of the most popular beaches on the island and currently poses a health risk to children who play there. The water quality issues have been long standing challenges that have generated much discussion, but little coordinated action. Waiheke Resources Trust (WRT) has picked up the project and implemented a coordinated community approach including coordination with local community, experts and Auckland Council.

The Logical Framework Approach (LFA) is based on establishing four types of core concepts (steps) and their causal relationships for project planning and implementation: Problem Statement/Situation Analysis, Stakeholder Analysis, Objectives Analysis, Project Strategy (Action Plan). Each of these core concepts is described by a narrative, objective verifiable indicators, means of verification and assumptions. The outcomes for the steps are achieved through a parallel iterative process of the four steps.

The LFA workshops enabled a positive atmosphere whilst dealing with contentious issues, by providing a platform for all participants to be heard. Their ideas were taken through a scientific process to reach consensus on the challenges, objectives and outcomes. The next steps for the project are implementation planning, detailed budgeting and identifying and securing funding.

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26 Apr 2017