Stormwater Conference 2017 - Papers

Stormwater Conference



Welcome and Conference Opening :

Penny Hulse, Deputy Mayor

Mike Hannah, Stormwater360

Keynote Address: Hector Cyre, Water Resource Associates, USA


Morning Tea

Flood Modelling and Future Ready

Innovation and Technology

As-built, Operations and Maintenance

Innovation and Technology


Protecting Brisbane Central District - Case Study in Future Flood Readiness

Kerry Olsson, James Logan

A Trillion Data Points, One Source of Truth

Ken Williams, Tom Joseph

Is There Any Benefit for Enhanced Stormwater Treatment from Non-Forecourt Discharges?

Hayden Easton, Martin Robertson

Artificial Turf Sports Fields and the Water Environment – Public Perception, Evidence and the Unknown

James Reddish, Marke Jennings-Temple


HEC-RAS 2D - an Accessible and Capable Modelling Tool

Carey Lintott

Data, Data, Everywhere - Life After Data Collection

Jules Scott-Hansen, Peter Christensen

Upgrade of Portobelllo Road Stormwater Screen

Tim Matheson

Collaboration-Driven Innovation for Deep Concrete Culvert Design and Installation. An Example of Safety in Design

Amanda Siquera, Warren Bird, Husham Issa


Applying Agile Process Management to Flood Hazard Modelling

Lisa Dowson

Stormwater Pond Surveying: Why Probe When You Can Ping

Jennifer Leslie, Hayden Easton

Automating As-built Processing - It's About Time!

Scott Ferguson

Simplifying Stormwater on a Complex Site

Stephanie Thompson




Keynote Address: Jamie Ewert, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

Hydrological and Hydraulic Assessment

Water Sensitive Design and Asset Management Planning

Operational Management

Stormwater Management and Flood Mapping


CFD Modelling to Inform Pumpstation Design

Mike Summerhays, Wageed Kamish

A Large Multi-Functional Bioretention Device

Stephen Priestley

Are We Fully Prepared to Ensure the Long Term Performance of WSD-Related Stormwater Facilities?

Dr Frank Tian

Towards Uniformity in Flood Mapping

Mike Law


Hayward Interchange - Innovative Drainage Design to Overcome Site Challenges

Michael Paine, Costas Chryssafis

Are Quality Control/Assurance Procedures Needed for Bio-Retention Treatment Devices?

Dr John Cheah

Stormwater Infrastructure Decision-Making: On the Hurdles of Going Green

Arash Farjood

The Cook Islands Approach to Stormwater Management: Where ‘Other’ Priorities Merge

Roanna Salunga, Paul Maoate


Afternoon Tea

Catchment and Asset Management Planning

Condition Assessments

Industrial and Risk Management

Unitary Plan Update


When Grey Meets Green - A Hybrid Treatment Story

Troy Brockbank, Kevin Jonathan

Discussion Forum - Condition Assessment and the update of the NZ Pipe Inspection Manual

Steve Apeldoorn/ Paul Utting

Management of Stormwater on Large Scale Industrial Sites

Nick Simpson

Discussion Forum – Topic tbc


Supporting Tauranga City Council’s Integrated Stormwater Project

Carl Johnson

Managing Industrial Stormwater – Fonterra's Approach

Mike Roberts, Emily MacDonald


The Hamilton City Stormwater Master Plan, Big Data for Smart City Planning

Damian Young

Innovative Treatment System Trial on Industrial Site

Dr Sean Finnigan

9.15am Keynote Address: Jack Mullaly, Ideanthro
10.00am Morning Tea
Water Quality Community Engagement and Cultural Values Innovation and Future Ready

Future Ready
10.30am Assessing Algal Growth Using a 2-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model
Wageed Kamish

Assessing Indicators of Cultural Well-Being in an Urban Stormwater Decision Support System
Jonathan Moores

Impact of Megatrends on Stormwater Management
Pulith Kapugama

Pandora's Box? Or the Neighbourhoods of Tomorrow
Nick Aiken, Surya Pandey

11.00am Determining Stormwater Treatment Requirements for a Greenfields Development in the Catchment of a Hypertrophic Lake
Jim Cooke

Community Engagement and Environmental Education as a Means of Achieving Stormwater Comprehensive Consent Compliance
Radleigh Cairns, Marcel de Leur
Improving Understanding of Rain Gauge Uncertainty Using Scanning and Vertically Pointing Radar

Luke Sutherland-Stacey

Climate Change Effects on Aquatic Ecology and the Future for Stormwater Management
Paul Battersby, Emily Jones

11.30am Nutrients and Bacterial Loads in Urban Stormwater
Patricia Melero Marin

Building Resilience into a Rigid Flood Management System: Lessons from the Riverlink Project
Angie Campbell, Alistair Allan

Climate Change Risk Assessments - What NZ Can Learn !Liam Foster
Connecting Communities to Water
Linda Norman, Benny Larsen

12.00pm Lunch [Venue: Exhibition Area]
Treatment Design Case Studies Innovation and Resilience National Policy Statement in Freshwater Management
1.00pm Stormwater Treatment Design and Simulation for Transmission Gully Project
Jahangir Islam

Dudley Creek Flood Remediation from a Project Managers Perspective
Martin Smith

Innovative Stormwater Treatment Asset Conversion at Auckland Motorways
Troy Brockbank

Let’s Do the NPS Dance - Integrating the New Stormwater Requirements
Ian McComb

1.30pm Taking The Pain Out of The Treatment Train: Continuous Simulation Modelling for Integrated Water Management
Reuben Ferguson, Stu Farrant

Project Twin Streams - 12 Years of Community Riparian Planting and Stream Health Reporting
Brett Stansfield

Kauri Flats School - Resilient Stormwater Design in a Challenging Environment
Aidan Cooper

Catchment-Scale Stormwater Quality Improvement Strategies: What to Do? Where? And How Much Will It Cost?Dustin Bambic
2.00pm Permeability of Raingardens – Field Measurements and Observations in AucklandRuben Roelofs
Building in a Bathtub - Where to Next in Kilbernie?
Tim Strang

Discharge Lift Height Upgrade of a Large Archimedes Screw Pump Station
Matthew Sheppard

Resolving the Jagged Problem of Offsetting: A Tool for Freshwater Management?
Chad Croft

2.30pm Afternoon Tea
Rivers Group Future Ready Environmental Impact Assessments Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum

Optimising the Media of Next Generation Low Impact Designs for Phytoremediation and Bioremediation
Suman Khareedi, Dr Lokesh Padhye

Minimising the Environmental Effects of Dredging - Wharemauku StreamKyle Christensen

Discussion Forum – Topic tbc

3.30pm Creating a New Generation of Stormwater Practitioners
Annise Raea

Erosion Control Treatment Trials on Loess Soils
Hannah Goslin

4.00pm Hydrology of Urban Development: What Measures, What Outcomes?
Cameron Oliver, Graham Levy

4.45pm Stormwater Group Annual General Meeting
7.00pm Conference Dinner Maritime Room, Princes Wharf
FRIDAY 05 MAY 2017
9.15am Keynote Address: Hugh Logan, Land and Water Forum
10.00am Morning Tea
Stream Health, Contaminants and Contaminant Loading Hydrological and Hydraulic Assessment Risk Management and Future Ready
10.30am Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Temperature on Flow Pattern of a Sediment Retention Pond
Ehsan Hendi

Rainfall Reporting: Past, Present, Future?
Kris Fordham

Using Criticality to Manage Stormwater Assets
Paul Utting

11.00am Inline Pond Treatment Performance and Longitudinal Instream Monitoring in a Stormwater-Affected Urban WaterwayFrances Charters
TP108 – Where to from Here?
Graham Levy

Do You Want Your Pipes Cleaned? The Value of ‘Real World Modelling ’
Mark Groves

11.30am Not All Faecal Pollution is Equal; Identifying the Source is Key to Effective Management
Justine Quinn

A Hybrid Stormwater Management System for a Residential Development – An Experience
Shane Sai

Adaptive Consenting and its Application to Stream Works
Adrian Percival, Therese Malcon

12.00pm Lunch
1.00pm – 5.00pm Site Visits
Site Visit 1 - TAKANINI

Large infrastructure project to unlock urban land, Residential development implementing WSD.


SHA development implementing SMAF AUP OiP provisions, Kopupaka Reserve Stormwater Ponds (winner of 2016 landscape of the year at World Architecture festival) integration of community amenities with engineering and ecology for stormwater management.


Treatment and flood management from a large urban catchment. Designed for resilience, operation and maintenance in real-time experience. “The Cloak” – green roofed building within a commercial setting.


Large scale stream rehabilitation and transformation of Walmsley and Underwood Reserves to reduce stormwater flooding and restore the natural ecology of the stream.

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