Management of Stormwater on Large Scale Industrial Sites

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Management of stormwater on large scale industrial sites has its unique challenges, in particular when those sites involve the production of food related products. Risks and tensions differ from those in traditional evelopments and considerations for the associated design solutions need to be amended accordingly.

Fonterra has undertaken significant stormwater upgrades at a number of its major plants. Risks associated with spills, industrial waste streams, chemical unload, and tensions around food safety all necessitate assigning different design priorities. Bunding of high risk areas, filters, isolation valves, lined spill/ first flush tanks, live water quality monitoring, parallel stormwater networks, attenuation ponds, and treatment devices are all part of potential suite of design tools suitable for on-site management. However restrictions exist on how these can best be applied.

This paper outlines key considerations in the design of Stormwater for large scale industrial developments, assessment of risks, suggests associated priorities, and addresses the relative merits of the various design solutions. It includes reference to several recent project examples and associated challenges for both the Lichfield and Edgecumbe site works, including measures undertaken ensuring operating staff are on board with the management and operation of the new stormwater systems. Both of these upgrades look to ensure Fonterra is future ready for stormwater management requirements, restore community trust, and address historical indiscretions.

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29 Sep 2017