Kauri Flats School - Resilient Stormwater Design in a Challenging Environment

Stormwater Conference

The Kauri Flats School stormwater design was a complex and challenging process with multiple external influences, design considerations and safety requirements required to develop an innovative, resilient and flexible outcome.

The Kauri Flats School is located in the Auckland Suburb of Takanini, 30 km south of central Auckland on an extensive and deep peat field containing ancient swamp kauri. The School includes the construction of multiple class rooms, hall, carpark areas, playing fields and outdoor learning areas.

The proposed Auckland Council Takanini Cascade stormwater channel runs along the western boundary of the School which is within an extensive flood plain and surrounded by several housing developments, currently under construction.

Throughout the design process multiple stormwater, structural and geotechnical issues were identified which influenced and directed the stormwater design. Of particular concern was the possibility that any pipes in the ground would be susceptible to differential settlement. As an understanding of the issues with the site grew the stormwater system was developed and modified to provide a robust, flexible and cost effective outcome.

The stormwater design provided an innovative and resilient approach to recharge the underlying peat, manage the flood risk to the School while treating and conveying stormwater safely during construction and the ongoing operation of the School.

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29 Sep 2017