Wellington Waterfront Jump Platform – Improved Water Quality

Annual Conference

The Jump Platform on Wellington Waterfront is a public facility which is installed above an open section of Taranaki Wharf. It consists of an elevated platform some 8 m above the water level, with stairs for access. The area is popular with swimmers and spectators and has created a focal point at the waterfront. However, monitoring showed that the water quality in the area exceeded the marine guidelines for recreational use, with results indicating a median enterococci concentration of 460 CFU/100 mL. The contamination was a result of two major stormwater catchments (Taranaki and Te Aro), which discharge close to the area. Both catchments have a significant year round baseflow, and infiltration from groundwater and sewer overflows contribute to the contamination of the stormwater discharge. Following the installation of an enclosure around the Jump Platform area, the surface water quality results show that the enterococci concentration fell from a median value of 865 CFU/100mL prior to the baffle installation, to 26 CFU/100mL.

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26 Apr 2016