Watercare Post Integration – Asset Management System Improvements

Annual Conference

On 1 November 2010 Watercare became responsible for water and wastewater services within the Auckland region from Wellsford in the north to Pukehohe to the south. This involved the amalgamation of asset data from six water retail organisations, with Watercare’s bulk water and wastewater treatment and transmission systems. At integration the local water and wastewater networks had been combined into one asset management system (Hansen7), represented spatially within Watercare’s Geographic Information System (ESRI GIS).

Without time to standardise and validate the asset information prior to integration, Watercare embarked on an asset information improvement programme. This paper outlines the asset data validation and correction processes that have been carried out to improve the quality and reliability of asset information over the last five years and discusses the improvement initiatives currently underway.

The standardisation of engineering standards and asset metadata has enabled the development of an automated as-built capture process for local network assets. This has reduced the time taken to capture new network assets which would have taken days to capture to now being able to be captured within hours.

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27 Apr 2016