Optimising Wastewater Treatment And Reuse – Mount Isa – A Case Study

Annual Conference

This paper promotes a holistic approach to wastewater infrastructure upgrading, and shows by the

use of an example project that aspects of a project can be linked to each other.

To deal with one aspect purely in isolation is to risk achieving a sub-optimal outcome, or at worst, an outcome where resources may have been spent on infrastructure that does not completely achieve important key outcomes.

This paper features a case study of the upgrade to the wastewater network, treatment plant and land disposal/reuse systems at Mount Isa to provide optimal financial value and reuse of treated effluent in a region short of water.

The overall project has provided value for the city by;

  • Determining the most economical way to upgrade the city’s trunk wastewater network, while
  • reducing overflow risk in existing overloaded trunk sewers.

  • Optimising the use of existing infrastructure at the WWTP while upgrading to provide
  • increased capacity and enhanced quality to meet the terms of the existing Environmental Authority (EA) and new recycled water legislation enacted since.

  • Re-negotiating the terms of the EA with increased nutrient limits to better suit the end use
  • (reuse by irrigation on city parks and grazing paddocks, or reuse by the Glencore mine).

  • Considering optimal beneficial reuse of the effluent in an area that is critically water short.
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    07 Nov 2018