Implementing Smart Water Metering At The German Water Company Juragruppe

Annual Conference

This paper outlines the significant differences between the costly and labour-intensive method of reading the meters in the past and the new installation of remotely readable meters as a “Mobile Drive By” solution in combination with stationary data concentrators as an Automatic Meter Reading (“AMR”) installation.

It also describes the operational process, by reading the meters from a car using Google maps with visual and acoustical confirmation for the driver on a standard Android smart phone, the data transmission to a fixed installed data concentrator, the cloud based connection to the central server and the administration of the collected data.

The paper describes the ultrasonic principle and the communication method of the water meters. It considers specific requirements for New Zealand and Australia regarding compliances as far as they are different from Europe. Finally, the paper identifies the Return On Investment aspects and other benefits for the Juragruppe water company and their customers.

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28 Apr 2016