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National Science Challenge: Resilience to Nature's Challenges Advisory Group

Water New Zealand’s technical team are part of the Advisory Group for the “Distributed Infrastructure” work stream of the Resilience Challenge. This is one of the government funded National Science Challenges that aims to develop and apply new scientific solutions to transform our preparedness, response, recovery and “bounce-back” from our wide diversity of natural hazards. This is a collaborative project across a wide range of research institutions, and a key part of this process is the development of outcomes shaped by stakeholder or ‘co-creation’.

The aim of the Distributed Infrastructure work stream is to develop an improved understanding of the resilience of spatially-distributed infrastructure networks to extreme natural hazards, with a focus on incorporating network functionality modelling into this work. More information on the wider challenge can be found at

April 2018 Update

The Resilience Challenge has been putting together monthly newsletters covering the work in the different programmes. This month the Infrastructure programme has been profiled, see the link below to access. This has been put together for a non-scientific audience to outline some of the work that is ongoing, but thought you would all be interested in getting an update. Feel free to send this on to others who may be interested.