Better Management Of Wastewater Network By Remotely Controlling Pressure Sewer System Pumps

Annual Conference

Christchurch City Council is trialling the use of iota's OneBox control panel to remotely monitor and control individual pressure sewer system pumps, particularly in greenfield areas. This accommodates growth without further compromising a wastewater network which is already at capacity. The control panel smoothes out the diurnal flow profile from the catchment. Stormwater inflow can be identified by analysing monitoring data after every storm, and prompt follow up with property owners means that inflow from the catchment can be eliminated. In combination, this means that the peak flows expected from the catchment are only slightly higher than average dry weather flow, compared to five times average dry weather flow for a gravity system.

The Council is trialling the use of iota OneBox control panels on 29 pressure sewer system pumps in the Highsted subdivision in Upper Styx, Christchurch. If successful, this will be rolled out for the remaining 1,400 properties in the Upper Styx area and 5,000 properties in South East Halswell. Because the design flows are substantially lower than for a gravity network, Council can use spare capacity in the existing network to convey flows from the Upper Styx area, rather than needing to construct a new pump station and pressure main, saving at least $2.3 million in capital expenditure.

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28 Apr 2016