Stormwater Conference 2020

Stormwater Conference

Wednesday 26 August 2020


Welcome and Conference Opening


Keynote Address: Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister for Local Government



Success Stories/Case Studies

Stormwater Management & Innovation

Naturalising Te Ao Maori Values

Innovation & Technology


Fish Conservation from Water Engineering: Case Study from Nanjing Hydraulic Research Institute

Dr Ian Yang – Nanjing Hydraulic Research + Tony Miller, GHD

Total Economic Valuation Approach to the Assessment of Water Quality Interventions within the Auckland Region

Sue Ira, Auckland Council

Nga Momo Wahi Wai – Encompassing Te Reo Maori Geographical Water Features & Placenames

Troy Brockbank, WSP

Managing Tropical Stormwater Networks with Smart Systems: The Singapore Experience

Simon Bunn, Suez Smart Solutions


Stream Daylighting in Industrial Waiheke: Not just a retaining wall in the park

Leon Keefer, Beca + Sam Nandasena, Auckland Council

Daldy Street Outfall

David Pattinson, Wynyard Edge Alliance

Best Practice Stormwater Aotearoa New Zealand

Dr Kepa Morgan, Ngati Makino

Flow and Level Prediction with Machine Learning: Digital Twin Solution

Quy Vu, Mott MacDonald


Multifunctional Approach to Stormwater Management: Maximising the gains through early decision considerations

Lisa Dowson, Tonkin & Taylor + Greg Edwards, AR & Associates

The Mauri Compass:  Integrating Mauri into Stormwater Management

Wolfgang Kanz, Gisborne City Council + Ian Ruru, Mauri Compass




Keynote Address: Tom Schueler: Small Urban Watersheds a World Apart: Some common Strategies to protect and restore them

Integrated Design

Climate Change

Engaging Communities

Naturlising Te Ao Maori Values


Natural Channel Design in the Tas Region

Selene Conn, Tonkin + Taylor

Carbon Impact of Green Infrastructure

Craig Pocock, Beca

Te Auaunga Project: How Stream Restoration can bring connectedness, a sense of belonging

Amy Donovan, Auckland Council

Mahi Tahi: Working collaboratively to Restore and Enhance Hairini Wetlands in Tauranga

Taima Van Der Leden, Beca


Delivery of Upgrade to Foxton East Drainage Scheme

Daniel McMullan, e2Environmental Ltd

Tamaki Drive Cycleway and Coastal Resilience

Dale Paice, Beca

Citizen Science making a real difference to communities: The Safeswim Experience

Holly Foreman, Auckland Council

Integrating Best Practice on Te Au A Turanga: Manawtu Tararua Highway Project

David Hughes, Aurecon + Josh Irvine, WSP





Success Stores / Case Studies - Flood Risk

Stormwater Management – Treatment Media


Ministry of Transport (MoT) Transport & Environment Knowledge Hub – Water Group – Workshop

Tory Brockbank, WSP

Slips, Floods and Falls: Dunedin’s Watercourse Programme

Jonathan Krause, Stantec New Zealand + Tom Dyer, Dunedin City Council

Radius Fulton – Holding Back the Flood

Mark Ellis, Pattle Delamore Partners

The Media Report – An Investigation into Infiltration Basin Performance in Christchurch

Liam Allan, Pattle Delamore Partners


Stormwater Model Validation to an Historical Flood: Island Bay, Wellington

Kristen Stokes, Jacobs + Nadia Nitsche, Wellington Water

Piha Flood Management

Richard Smedley, Auckland Council

Ensuring Quality Supply of Media for Bioretention Treatment Devices

Dean Rissetto, Central Landscape Supplies Silverdale

Thursday 27 August 2020


Keynote Address: Annette Lees: Swim – A Year of Swimming Outdoors in New Zealand

Stormwater and Swimmers: Seven Recommendations for Mutual Benefit


Innovation Showcase




Industry Update: Kelvin Hill, President Water New Zealand

Stormwater Management & Innovation

Climate Change & Resilience

Naturalising Te Ao Maori Values & Integrated Design

Stormwater Management – Water Quality


Peak Discharge Control for Flood Mitigation – Does it Work?

Charlie Sherratt, Tonkin + Taylor

Climate Change Adjusted Rainfall for Continuous Simulation

Mike Law, Beca

Awakeri Wetlands – Creating Sustainable Urban Waterways

Jesse Peeters, Auckland Council + Csongor Czegledi, Landspekt NZ

Integrated Design – Benefits of Hydrodynamic Separators Prior to Stormwater Detention Basins

Bradley Tiller, Hynds Pipe Systems


Does Your Detention Meet Your Intention?

Mark Groves, WSP

Too Much and Too Little Water, Insights from the National Climate Change Risk Assessment

Alex Cartwright, Tonkin + Taylor

Recognising Te Mana O Te Wai

Paul Ryan, Hamilton City Council

The Effect of Baffles on the Performance of Sediment Retention Ponds in Thermally Induced Flows

Ehsan Hendi, Aurecon & University of Auckland


An Innovation Centralised Stormwater Treatment System & Pumping Facility – NZ’s Largest Manufactured Treatment Device

Kevin Jonathan,

Stormwater 360 + Peter Christensen, Christchurch City Council

Small Site Development – Reducing Long Term Risk of OLFP

Angela Goodwin, Potentialis Planning + Josy Cooper, Wintec

Process Alignment and Saving Design from going down the drain

Kate McNeill, Beca

Kopurereua Faecal Source Tracking Investigation

Jim Summers, Tauranga City Council + Paul Greenshields, Bay of Plenty Regional Council



Runoff & Modelling

Stormwater Management – Water Quality

Stormwater Management – Policy

Success Stories/Case Studies


The Application of a Depth Times Velocity Based Approach to urban Stormwater Treatment Device

Chris Moore, Beca + Jonathan Dixon, Aurecon

Characterising Untreated Stormwater Quality to Guide Stormwater Management Planning: A Timaru Case Study

Frances Charters, University of Canterbury

New Polices Related to Improving Environmental Outcomes from Stormwater Management

Adrian Young, Ministry for the Environment

Implementation of a Sustainable, Water Sensitive Urban Development

Costas Chryssafis, Tonkin + Taylor


Water Quality in Auckland – FWMT Current State and Process Modelling Advances

Tom Stephens, Auckland Council

Nutrients and Indicator Bacteria in Urban Waters

Jennifer Gadd, NIWA

Auckland’s Regionwide Network Discharge Consent – Changes and Challenges of the first six months

Gemma Chauh + Paula Vincent, Auckland council

Gisborne’s Approach to Reducing Inflow and Infiltration – It’s a lot about Stormwater

Wolfgang Kanz, Gisborne District Council + Neville West


Characteristics of Litter in Stormwater Management: Developing a Hotspot Methodology

Darren Tiddy, Stormwater 360

Technical Guidance Framework for Stormwater in Auckland Region

Amir Montakhab, Auckland Council

Concrete Stormwater Pipelines – Improving Sustainability

Americo dos Santos, Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd



Sustainable Water Management & Stormwater Management

Success Stories/Case Studies

Engaging Communities

Innovation, Technology & Modelling


The Lost Field of Sustainable Stormwater Management – The Past and Future of Urban Industrial Areas

Yuliang Wang, University of Auckland

When Chemistry Does Not Work: Finding a Stormwater Solution at a Highly Constrained Industrial Site

Marcia Ho + David Delagarza, Aurecon

On the use of Simple Flow Path Models to Achieve Social-Ecological Change

Daniel Ward, University of Auckland

That’s a bit Rough!

Mark Pennington, Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd


Stormwater Master Planning – A Scalable Approach for Hamilton City

Ari Craven, Beca

Time-Lapse Photography for Low-Cost Urban Stream Monitoring and Community Engagement

Mika Zollner, Victoria University

Efficient Hydraulic Design of Stormwater Drainage Network for Better Performance

Larry Shui, Municipal Design


Water Sensitive Urban Design in our Backyard: Mangakotukutuku Urban Research Hub, Hamilton

Lucy McKergow, NIWA

The Use of Dynamic Freeboard

Kristin Stokes, Jacobs + Ben Fountain, WWL

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