A decade of flood recover and resilience the Queensland experience

AECOM’s Water Infrastructure Sector Leader for Australia & New Zealand, Ben McMaster and AECOM’s Program Advisory and Program Management Team Lead Julian Brangwynne-Smith, will discuss the Queensland approach to recovery, reconstruction and resilience which has been developed over the past decade following the catastrophic 2010/11 Queensland flood event. The 2010/11 flood event resulted in 35 people tragically losing their lives, with three-quarters of the state (one million square kilometres) being declared a disaster zone and 130,000 people displaced. The event resulted in more than $6 billion of damage, including $30 billion dollars lost in Australia’s Gross Domestic Product.

Ben and Julian hope to provide their experiences and insights gained over the past decade to help support the New Zealand water industry recover and respond to the catastrophic flood events and loss of life that have recently affected New Zealand, by:

  • outlining the evolving approach to flood recovery programs in Queensland, including damage assessments and reconstruction monitoring tools;
  • discussing practical reconstruction learnings and resources available for industry practitioners, including tools developed by industry and State Government agencies;
  • exploring several resilience case studies in Queensland relating to land-use response, stormwater management, urban drainage naturalisation, structural flood mitigation, community awareness and flood warning improvements; and

sharing lessons learnt and continuous improvement areas identified in the Queensland context.

Peter Christensen of Storm Environmental will introduce the topic with a brief prelude about the large-scale recovery mission following the Christchurch earthquake.

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21 Sep 2023

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21 Sep 2023