Integrating a Regions Control Systems – The Story So Far.

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Wellington Water (Formally Capacity Infrastructure Services / Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) Bulk Water) provides water, wastewater and stormwater management services to clients throughout the Wellington region which include Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), Hutt City Council (HCC), Porirua City Council (PCC), Upper Hutt City Council (UHCC) and Wellington City Council (WCC). 

This paper documents the transformation and convergence of the electronic control systems, which manage the bulk of the assets since 2012 until 2015. It also provides some incite of the roadmap going forward for merging with the GWRC Bulk Water systems. It highlights the benefits of moving to a regional approach in being able to do more with the resources (Staff), shows how Standardisation in different areas of work build upon each other to provide a more efficient system providing easier access to regional, solid data for the decisions of the future.

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14 Mar 2016