Welcome to the homepage for the Water New Zealand Backflow Group. 

The Backflow Group Forum is is a place where members with an interest in Backflow can connect.

The Groups mission statement is:

Our mission is to advocate industry best practice through education, conferences and forums, standards, legislation and guidelines.

The Water New Zealand Backflow Group is the pre-eminent collective of knowledge on backflow in New Zealand. We represent all aspects of the backflow industry, including manufacturers, plumbers, training providers, water suppliers and building compliance officials. 

The Groups Key objectives include:

  • Assist in the definition and promotion of best industry practice for the management of backflow within New Zealand
  • To disseminate information related to backflow issues
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of backflow issues
  • To promote and undertake projects in areas of common need and interest
  • Assist and provide comment on national industry standards and policies
  • To promote lines of communication within all sectors of the backflow community
  • To promote education and public understanding of backflow issues

Workplan 2022

1.         WS-014/WS-023

Both Wayne Shields and Richard Aitken are inputting into these Committees along with our BPAA colleagues. Some of the key factors will be ensuring joint standards are reflective of the current market and making sure that a consistent approach is applied on both sides of the Tasman. A tricky task!

2.            G12 update

The group will be working with Ross Wakefield (MBIE) to go through proposed changes to G12. This will be a rare opportunity to update G12 to be reflective of the current state of backflow prevention and in doing so make it more coordinated with the new Water Services Bill.

3.            Backflow training

Jim McGibbon will be working with Mumtaz Parker from the Water New Zealand Training team to put together an entry level understanding of backflow prevention that can be used for staff training. All too often in the industry we see staff who have little knowledge of backflow prevention, water quality or reticulation practices and Water New Zealand is looking to bridge this gap with their “101” series of modules.

4.            Code of Practice

The Backflow COP has been in a holding pattern since the end of 2019 until the new Water Bill and Regulator were confirmed. Now that this is a done deal, the Group can refine the COP and make references to the new Bill plus the responsibilities of each new authority under the Backflow Rules.

5.            Survey unit standards

A big part of the new regime will focus on property surveys to ensure that cross connections are addressed. Getting a properly accredited survey programme will be a challenge and survey experts Richard Aitken and Jon Lewis will be driving this forward.

6.            Backflow Rules

The Rules laid down by Taumata Arowai are still in draft form and will need to be firmed up. The Group will be working with the drafter, Jim Graham of Taumata Arowai, to make sure this happens quickly. These Rules will underpin everything that the new Bill is trying to accomplish with regard to backflow prevention so we must make sure they are fair, effective and robust.

Backflow Group AGM - Minutes 6 August 2021.pdf

The Backflow Groups full Terms of Reference is here.

We welcome your comments and feedback - please contact the Backflow Group liaison.

Water New Zealand members can find the Backflow Committees details here.