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2020 Changes to the Constitution 


At the Annual General Meeting held via Zoom on Thursday, 17 September 2020 members voted in favour of the following three motions from members Helen Atkins and Lorraine Kendrick for a change to the constitution.

Motion a part 1:

“That amendments to the following clauses of the Constitution are made:

  • Clause 3 – Objects – updated to include the new purpose
  • Clauses 5.3, 6.1, 12.2, 12.9, 14.3, 17.2, 22.2 – typographical amendments and to address legal advice in relation to charity registration”

Motion a part 2:

“That amendments to the following clauses of the Constitution are made:

  • Clause 7 Board (except clause 7.1 in relation to the immediate former President which is dealt with in (b) below)

7.1 The Board shall comprise the following members (Board Members):

(a) four members elected by the members in accordance with clauses 8.1 to 8.3 (Elected Board Members), including (i) the President and (ii) if applicable (in accordance with clause 11.2), the immediate former President during the year immediately following their term as President; and

(b) four members appointed by the Elected Board Members in accordance with clauses 10.1 and 10.2 (Appointed Board Members).

  • Clause 8 Election of Board members
  • Clause 9 Appointment of President
  • Clause 10 Appointed Board members

10.1 Elected Board Members shall appoint, at their absolute discretion (subject to clause 10.3), up to four Appointed Board Members from the current roll of financial members of the Association to ensure that the Board as a whole has an appropriate mix of skills, diversity and experience, based on criteria determined by the Board from time to time.

  • Clause 11 Term”

Motion b:

“That amendment to clause 7.1 of the Constitution is made to provide a role on the Board for the immediate former President.”

As per Rule 19.2 of the current constitution (see below) we were required to seek endorsement for this change from the full membership.

Rule 19.2 of Water New Zealand’s current constitution states “An amendment to the Constitution shall be proposed by Notice of Motion. Any such motion or amendment thereto which is passed by a majority vote at a General Meeting shall be endorsed by a two thirds majority of the votes cast in a subsequent ballot of the full membership of the Association, (which shall be by electronic vote, or by postal vote upon request) before being incorporated into the Constitution.”

As a result of the members endorsing this vote, the changes were accepted and came into effect on 30 October 2020. See above for the most recent copy of the Constitution.