Onsite Waste Water Management Group Meeting


The Water New Zealand Onsite Wastewater Management Systems (OWMS) is a Special Interest Group addressing all aspects of on-site domestic wastewater systems through to small community wastewater schemes.

This year in conjunction with the group’s AGM, presentations and workshops are being held concurrently. The sessions will be used to chart the future management approaches for assurance that future on-site wastewater systems are providing adequate environmental, public health and cultural values protection.

If you have an interest in helping further the management of on-site wastewater management, committee nominations are open for next year. Nominations from regulatory agencies with oversite of onsite wastewater, designers and manufacturers of onsite wastewater units are particularly welcome. For nomination forms, contact: Katrina.guy@waternz.org.nz.

Nomination form can be downloaded here

Agenda for this meeting can be found here


OWMS Committee - Nomination Form 2023.pdf

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09 May 2023

AGM agenda.pdf

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07 Jun 2023