Driving Down Water Loss - Workshop


Around one fifth of the water entering our water networks is lost through leakage. This workshop aims to stimulate ideas, exchange tools and ideas to support water network operators drive down these losses.

This workshop will provide;

  1. An overview of waterloss principals contained in the recently updated waterloss guideline and how they can be accessed.
  2. Case studies from subject matter experts who are implementing interventions to drive down their losses.
  3. Connections with others on next steps for your region.
  4. An opportunity to set the agenda for future topics.

At the end of the workshop the water efficiency group will be holding its Annual General Meeting. Participants are welcome to stay on, group nominations are open to all Water New Zealand members.

To attend this workshop you do need to register for the Water New Zealand Conference & Expo

  • 17/10/2023
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  • 11:15 - 12:45
  • Takina Convention Centre, Wellington, NZ