River Management Practice workshop

Cost: $500.00 plus GST. Council rate – $400.00 plus GST


  • Gary Williams, Water & Soil Engineer, FEngNZ

Spaces limited to 20

A look at practical examples of river management practices

A one-day workshop on practical examples of river management practices, and the context in which options are considered. Participants to bring case studies of recent works or current sites where works are proposed. The workshop will be discussion based, with a short overview of the wider context of river management.

Key themes

  • River management options: relating to river type and reach character.
  • Site context and pre-flood conditions: of flood history, channel changes and sediment transport activity.
  • Option selection: from potential bank protection and channel management measures.
  • Relating works to site: dimensioning structural bank works, scoping channel measures and margin vegetation management.
  • Learning from mistakes: all river management measures are temporary, thus monitoring and observation skills to learn from the river is essential.


A better understanding of river dynamics and the requirements of river engineering, and of different practices used on different types of rivers and around the country.

Who would benefit?

Local authority engineers and asset managers, consultants and contractors actively involved in river management, or who have a specific interest in and experience of rivers and their management.

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