Water Loss Guidelines Webinar


Reducing water loss

With water loss comprising nearly 20 percent of all water in New Zealand networks, it is vital we take to steps to address this.

The Water Loss Guidelines have been revised to update support for drinking water network operators to measure and understand water losses and how to improve network management to reduce losses.

The new guide has been updated to with the drivers for reducing water wastage to help build the business case for loss reduction: conserving this previous resource, adapting to climate change, improving resilience to drought, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, cost and compliance drivers.

A range of resources, including overview document, detailed technical guide, and excel based calculators have been developed as part of the update. These outline the steps to measure, monitor, and manage down losses, as well as understand how your ‘status quo’ measures up to best practice, and where to focus improvements.

The update has been funded by the Water Service Managers group and led by Richard Taylor, Thomas Consultants, supported by other experts, Jon Reed of Beca, Dan Johnson of WSP and Christine McCormack of Water Cycle consulting.