The Adaptation Agenda (room for the river): What have we learned from experience?


The Adaptation Agenda (room for the river): What have we learned from experience?

The adaptation agenda is not new, but appears it is only able to be progressed once people have experienced severe impacts and the scale and scope of damages have become clear. So what have we learned from our experience?

To prepare for the impacts of climate change in a climate exposed and unstable pluvial country we need fit for purpose governance and institutional arrangements that enable implementation of adaptation actions, planning frameworks and decision tools that account for dynamic changing risks, in tune with our Treaty partners, and iwi/ hapu cultural values, and that are inclusive of wider community values.

This webinar will address these issues, illustrated with practical examples from New Zealand.

Presenter: Dr Judy Lawrence

Dr Judy Lawrence is Senior Research Fellow at the Climate Change Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington and Director of PS Consulting Ltd. Judy’s research and practice focus on climate change adaptation, sea-level rise, coastal hazards, river and water resource risk management, land use management and soil conservation. She is an active member of the global decision making under deep uncertainty network. Judy works with a range of regional and district councils, water agencies, central government agencies and supervises post graduate students. Judy was Co-Author of the MfE Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Guidance (2017), Co-Chaired the Climate Change Adaptation Technical Working Group (2018), Governance Domain Lead for the first NZ National Climate Change Risk Assessment (2020), Coordinating Lead Author for the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report Working Group II Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (2022). Judy was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Science Prize 2019 Melting Ice and Rising Seas Team 2019 and the Terry Healy Coastal Project Award in 2017 and 2018 for the Living Edge Resilience and the MfE Coastal Guidance Projects. She has a PhD in Public Policy on the adequacy of institutions for climate change adaptation and a Masters degree in Geomorphology. Judy is a Climate Change Commissioner

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