Sustainable Stormwater Management in Singapore: A Tropical Example


This talk examines the approach adopted by Singapore to manage urban stormwater in a country which faces strict water limitations. I will discuss about the latest innovations and challenges facing the country in terms of sustainable stormwater management from a water quantity and quality perspective and also look at the approaches adopted in neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia.

Presenter: Hanshe Lim

Hanshe Lim is a hydrologist from Singapore now based in James Cook University (Cairns campus), Australia. Her work focuses on urban stormwater remediation using blue-green infrastructure to achieve both hydrological and stormwater runoff quality improvements. Previous experience include projects that included the design, installation and monitoring of bioretention systems, rain gardens and green roofs in Singapore. Current work now focuses on using models to examine the ways blue-green infrastructure contribute to flood mitigation in coastal tropical catchments of Australia.