Research Briefing: A Systems Approach to Climate Change, Water and Wellbeing


A Systems Approach to Climate Change, Water and Wellbeing mapping the connections between the public health and economic impacts of climate change induced drought and flooding

The Deep South Challenge would like to invite you to a presentation from the Water & Wellbeing research team on Tuesday 12 December, 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Add to your calendar and join online.

Climate change is going to bring increased flooding and droughts for many regions in New Zealand. How will this impact individual and collective wellbeing? And what can we do to reduce the impact?

Using the Hawke’s Bay region as a case study, this project has developed a systems mapping platform for local councils and communities to integrate knowledge across multiple domains and explore how individual and collective wellbeing is affected by changing hydrology. The platform is designed to visualise the connections between environmental systems (atmospheric, hydrological), human systems (economic, social, built environment, governance) and wellbeing (employment, regional economy, incidence of disease). In this briefing the team will present the platform and explain how users can apply it to their own situations.

This Deep South National Science funded project was a collaboration between Market Economics (Nicky McDonald, Stefania Mattea, Juan Monge, Garry McDonald, Emma Moran), GNS Science (Christina Magill, Smrithi Talwar, Brioch Hemmings, Shannon Bengtson, Jacob Pastor Paz), University of Otago (Simon Hales, Farnaz Pourzand) and Resilient Organisations (Charlotte Brown).

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