Rock Design for River Works


Rock Design for River Works

Date: 10 May 2024

Location: Wellington,

Time: 10am-3pm

Cost: $500 plus GST. Council rate – $400 plus GST

A workshop for designing rock revetments and groynes for River Works

A half-day workshop providing details of best practice methods for designing rock for use in river works. A high-level introduction to geomorphology will be provided for the purpose of understanding how rock works can affect river processes as well as key concepts affecting general scour design. A summary of tools for quantifying hydrological and hydraulic design parameters will be presented followed by guidance on when rock should be considered as a management tool. The design process will then be explained for rock revetments (rock lines) and groynes including general arrangement geometry, sizing, filters, and specifications. Examples will be provided of recent projects including where design/cost/maintenance trade-offs were considered.

Key themes

  • Brief introduction to geomorphology – how rivers work.
  • Outline tools for quantifying key design inputs – hydrology, hydraulics.
  • When to use rock.
  • General arrangement geometry for groynes & revetments.
  • Estimating general scour (geomorphic change);
  • Estimating local scour.
  • Sizing rock using three different methods.
  • Design of granular and geotextile filters.
  • Key specifications for rock.


A better understanding of designing rock for use in river works.

Who would benefit?

Local authority engineers and asset managers, consultants and contractors actively involved in river management, or who have a specific interest in and experience of rivers and their management.


Kyle Christensen - River Engineering Consultant

Spaces limited

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