Stormwater Conference 2024 - Site Visit 3

Urban Stream Walk


Cost: $40 + GST

The hills which flank Te Whanganui-a-Tara have been shaped by the power of water over millennia creating a patchwork of streams, wetlands and estuaries. These once abundant waterways attracted early māori settlers who recognised the value of freshwater to support communities establishing pa, kainga and mara almost always connected with freshwater. The arrival of European colonists in the 1800’s saw a dramatic shift that viewed our freshwater in a different light, a resource to be utilised to support a booming urban populace. Streams were drained for town supplies, managed as open drains which spread disease and eventually incarcerated in pipes beneath our increasingly busy streets. But the streams still flow from the hills to the sea….out of site but not out of mind.

Join us on a waterfront walk to learn about the history, ecological significance and future of our ‘lost’ urban awa which still discharge water to the great harbour of Tara. Crossing the paths of Kumutoto, Waikoukou, Waimaphihi, Moturoa and Waitangi awa this engaging and informative walk will provide insights into the legacy of past decisions, the importance of decisions we make today and the opportunities to consider Te Mana o te Wai in our urban landscapes.

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