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Young Water Professionals Wellington – Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Site Visit

Keen to find out the process for dealing with your 1s and 2s? Well, we sure have a trip prepared for you!

Or are you simply sick of dealing with your workmates crap? Then come visit the place that deals with yours.

The Moa Point treatment plant treats 70 million litres of the 153 million litres produced per day in the Wellington region. Enough to fill 28 Olympic size swimming pools, but we don’t suggest going for a swim in them.

The tour is booked for Wednesday 19th June at 2pm, enough to let your lunch pass through.

Don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

When: 2.00pm, Wednesday 19th June
Where: Moa Point Waste Water Treatment Plant, Wellington
PPE: Covered shoes. Hi-vis provided (or bring your own)

Register online using the green "Register" button to the right or by contacting