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SWANS Workshop

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The Water New Zealand SWANS Group are hosting a workshop on Achieving Effective Communication within the On-Site Wastewater Management Community (OWMC): Starting the Process.

There is a diverse range of practitioners contributing, providing and maintaining sustainable and effective on-site wastewater management systems (OWMS) to end-users throughout New Zealand. This is a challenging, but critical service to about a fifth of the New Zealand population. It is also an industry that must operate in dynamic social, cultural, ecological and legal environments at the same time as retain strong links with ongoing technological and scientific developments.

Effective communication within the OWMC is therefore very important but also very challenging. The SWANS Group is committed to explore and then implement improved communication within the OWMC. This workshop is just the beginning of this initiative.

Not all interested practitioners will be able to attend this particular workshop. This is to be recognised by the workshop process and participants. The expectation is that this workshop will focus on a specific issue (performance test treatment plants) and develop a process that can then be rolled out to the NZ OWMC in order to ensure all key players, who wish to be engaged in the issue, can contribute to any required decision making.

Cost: to cover venue and catering costs

  • Members $75 excl gst
  • Non-Members $100 excl gst

Location: can fly in fly out

  • Brentwood Hotel, 16 Kemp Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington
  • Free airport shuttle - 0508 273 689

Agenda: this will be confirmed early 2021 but will include

  • Description of OWMCs in New Zealand
  • Description of OWMSs and there key components
  • Performance testing
  • Why do we need performance testing and why it is important for the industry
  • Current status of OSET NTP and AS1546.3:2017
  • How to engage/consult with the OWMC at a national level