Smart Water Infrastructure Group - Case Studies Webinar

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Greg Ryan is Director Business Excellence at the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). The peak body for urban water and sewerage providers in Australia, with over 100 members from Australia and New Zealand. He an experienced senior leader who is passionate about driving forward-thinking innovation and strategic enhancements in the water sector to support meaningful business and community outcomes.

At the webinar in May, Greg will present an overview of the current digital strategic program being undertaken by WSAA. He will cover how WSAA is seeking to establish the basic foundations for digitalisation – clear definitions, classification hierarchies, along with the development of a digital reference framework to enable clearer, more effective conversations within water businesses and with suppliers. The conversation will also cover the key elements of digital strategy develop at an enterprise level and also for digital asset management. The role of partnerships to accelerate digitalisation will be explored along with approaches being pursued by WSAA to accelerate innovation and technology adoption. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the current challenges to digitalisation in the water sector.

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