The Climate Emergency: Is New Zealand doing enough? | WEBINAR

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In June 2021 the New Zealand Climate Change Commission delivered its final report to the New Zealand Government providing advice on its first three emissions budgets and direction for its emissions reduction plan for 2022-2025. The report details the commissions advice on transitioning to a thriving, climate-resilient and low emissions Aotearoa. The report clearly makes the case that we need to be proactive and courageous as we tackle the challenges the country will face in the coming years. So, are we doing enough and if not, what do we need to do to get us on the right track?

In this webinar Dr Rod Carr, Chair of the Climate Change Commission will discuss the findings of the Commission including ‘is New Zealand doing enough’? He will talk about the key recommendations made, including adaptation and how we may fund this as a nation. Climate resilience and sustainability specialists Cushla Loomb and Genevieve Smith will discuss some key considerations as it relates to implementing the Climate Change Commissions advice on the ground and the important connections we need to make to be truly successful in the dynamic environment within which we live.

Following the presentations there will be an open Q&A session with the panellists and an opportunity to get advice and be inspired by the experts so that together we can advocate for and help lead the way to a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

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