Our Principles

The perception and value of stormwater as a service has radically changed globally during the past 10 years and will continue to do so as we look to a future of a changing climate. To encapsulate this period of change we have adopted the urban water principles originally formed as part of the Ministry for Environment Urban Water Working Group initiative. The purpose of these principles is to guide decision-making that promotes sustainable behaviours and the creation of water sensitive urban spaces by drawing on matauranga, the lessons of the past, international best practice, the needs of our present communities, and a vision of a sustainable, resilient future. The 10 principles that we encourage industry practitioners to adopt include:

PAPATUNUKU - "Our relationship with the land papatūānuku will pre-determine our relationship with water.'

1. Protect and enhance ecosystem health of all receiving environments.

2. Co-design with nature an integrated and regenerative approach to urban development.

3. Address pressures on waterbodies close to source.

NGA WAI TUKU KIRI - "Our waters are a gift of life provided to us by our tupuna."

4. Recongise and respect mana motuhake - the whakapapa and relationship that mana whenua have with water ecosystems in their rohe.

    TANGATA - "Our environments are places of human occupation."

    5. Identify and consider the community values for urban water and reflect them in decision-making.

    6. Optimise environmental, social and cultural benefits when investing in buildings and infrastructure.

    TE HAPORI ME TE WAI - "The community's love and care for water is enduring."

    7. Uphold and foster kaitiakitanga and custodianship of urban water ecosystems.

    8. Collect and share information to promote common understanding of urban water issues, solutions and values.

    TIAKINA MA APAPA - "In building future resilience, our connectedness with the environment is our strength."

    9. Increase resilience to natural hazards and climate change.

    10. Conserve and reuse water resources.