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Our groups mission is to advance drinking water quality practice and outcome in New Zealand through collaboration.  We represent all aspects of drinking water practice, including technical advisers, process engineers, equipment suppliers, laboratory experts, scientists, training providers, water suppliers and compliance officials.

Membership of the groups is open to all Water New Zealand members. Activities of the group are overseen by a committee of up to fifteen group members and administered by Water New Zealand.

Committee membership is open to all group members, and new members are confirmed annually at the group’s Annual General Meeting.

If you are a Water New Zealand member and wish to belong to one of the special interest groups, make sure you are logged in to the Water New Zealand website, then simply send an email via the contact form at the bottom of this page to join our group. This will register you for notification of committee openings, as well as up to date correspondence on events, news, and other group activities.

If you are not a current member, visit our membership page for more information. Remember to tick the appropriate Special Interest Group box when completing the Membership Application form.

  • Improve consistency between Councils and industry professionals for efficient methods of ensuring safe water, achieving water quality compliance, conducting investigations and planning incident responses.
  • Provide a go-to group for water suppliers to engage, seek advice, learn from international counterparts, each other, and support smaller suppliers.
  • Link with scientific research communities to collaborate on drinking water quality including management and understanding of emerging contaminants in drinking water.
  • Support development of technical guidelines and training material for water safety and water quality standards.
  • Elevate the role of source water protection measures in addressing water quality risks.
  • Uplift professional and public understanding of drinking water quality related issues through education and science communication.
  • Collaborate with policy makers and regulators to achieve compliance and advocate for effective drinking water quality policies.

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