Engineering Leadership Forum

Who are we:

The Engineering Leadership Forum comprises the Chief Executives of New Zealand's professional engineering associations including: Engineering NZ, the Association of Consulting and Engineering New Zealand, Water New Zealand, Civil Contractors New Zealand, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (New Zealand Division), the Electricity Engineer's Association, Concrete NZ, and the Institute of IT Professionals NZ.

These organisations represent well over 40,000 professionals working in engineering in Aotearoa.

What do we do:

The Engineering Leadership Forum normally meets once every two months. The meeting provides an opportunity for the CEO and senior executives of the member organisations to discuss current issues and where possible to coordinate activities and to assist one another. The Forum has progressively become more engaged in public policy as it affects the engineering community, and now routinely communicates its collective view on initiatives through meetings with officials and the completion of submissions on issue papers and proposed legislation.

Contacting ELF members:

ACE: Helen Davidson,

Engineering NZ: Richard Templer,

Electricity Engineers Association: Peter Berry,

IPWEA: Murray Pugh,

Concrete NZ: Rob Gaimster,

Civil Contractors NZ: Alan Pollard,

Royal Society: Professor Geoff Chase,

IT Professionals: Victoria MacLennan