Consultation (106513 & 106514) – New Joint Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand projects

The following joint standards development projects were recently approved by Standards Australia and may be of interest to your organisation.

Standards Australia have invited Standards New Zealand to participate in projects relating to standards which are currently joint and where it is perceived that New Zealand may have an interest in participating in a project.

View proposal document here.

Standards Australia seek, and strongly value, your input on:

  • Whether you feel it is important that New Zealand participates in the projects listed below to produce a AS/NZS joint standard and why?
    • What would the impact be to New Zealand end-users if these publications were to be de-jointed?
    • Are there relevant international standards which would meet New Zealand’s needs?
  • Whether your organisation, or organisations you are aware of, may be interested in funding New Zealand’s participation in these 2 projects?
    • The fee listed constitute the anticipated additional administrative costs incurred by Standards Australia for New Zealand’s participation in the project. These costs are calculated based on the project type and complexity.
    • Standards New Zealand does not receive direct government funding and as such operates on a cost recovery basis. As a result Standards New Zealand needs to recover any project fees for New Zealand’s participation in an Australian-secretariat joint standard from a third party, either a regulator and/or industry which uses the joint standard, and/or through other means such as the sales price of the resulting standard if this is feasible.

Any feedback that you, or your organisation or any of your related contacts, could provide on the importance of the projects, and thoughts on prospective commissioners, are greatly valued.

Project Number

Standard Number


Project Type

Document Type



Cost AUD


AS/NZS 3725

Design for Installation of Buried Concrete Pipes





$ 19,770


AS/NZS 3725 Sup 1

Design for Installation of Buried Concrete Pipes - Commentary




$ 14,828

We encourage you to share this information with others who may also have an interest in developing and commissioning the standards mentioned.

WS-006 Committee Membership

If your organisation would like to participate in the WS-006 Concrete pipes joint Australian New Zealand standards development committee, Standards New Zealand can help facilitate this process. Please email regarding your interest along with the WS-006 Terms of Reference


Direct your comments to by Thursday 1 July 2021 at the latest. After this date, Standard New Zealand will inform Standards Australia of the outcome. Projects will then proceed as joint or Australian only accordingly. Note: Deadlines for consultations are stipulated by Standards Australia, and are firm.


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10 Jun 2021


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10 Jun 2021