Heather Uwins-England

Heather is an environmental microbiologist specializing in drinking water quality and drinking water risk management. Heather has held a senior management role in the public sector in Australia, leading a multi-disciplinary team responsible for regulation of drinking water quality, recycled water quality, water infrastructure management and water demand management, with a focus on risk management and public health protection. Heather was a member of the New Zealand Ministry of Health’s Drinking-Water Advisory Committee and co-authored the revised drinking-water safety plan framework for the Ministry. Heather has a comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges in New Zealand and Australia in ensuring safe and secure drinking water. Heather led the review of the health response into the Waikouaiti, water supply lead exceedances and more recently has provided advice and expertise to drinking water suppliers to develop and implement drinking water safety plans and to ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met.