Welcome to the homepage for Water New Zealand's Stormwater Group. The Stormwater Group caters to all people involved or interested in the management of Stormwater systems in an urban context

The Stormwater Group Web Forum is a place where members with an interest in Stormwater can connect. 


The Stormwater Group was established in 2001 and has a membership of over 400 interested people throughout New Zealand. Member interests are represented by an elected management committee, who operate under the wider umbrella of Water New Zealand.

The Groups Key objectives include:

  • Assist in the definition and promotion of best industry practice for the management of stormwater within Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Provide a platform for the advancement of stormwater operation and management in order to:
    • Align with our responsibilities in the Treaty of Waitangi
    • Protect and enhance the environment
    • Protect people and assets
    • Encourage innovation
  • To disseminate information related to stormwater issues
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of stormwater management issues
  • To promote and undertake projects in areas of common need and interest
  • Assist and provide comment on national industry standards and policies
  • To promote lines of communication within all sectors of the stormwater community
  • To promote education and public understanding of stormwater issues

Material on this site provides an overview of the Stormwater Group activities, planned events, technical articles, projects and links to affiliated Stormwater sites.

Stormwater Group terms of reference can be found here.

Stormwater Group Workplan from December 2020 - December 2021

  • Conference -
    • Deliver National Stormwater Conference
  • Policy & Technical
    • Review & disseminate implications of NPS Freshwater Management for stormwater practitioners
    • Advocate for nationally co-ordinated design guides
    • respond to requests for policy and design guide reviews (ad-hoc)
  • Education & Training
    • Facilitate sharing of knowledge at the regional and national levels via local stormwater industry meetings
    • Transform the Education & Training Plan into an interactive form by setting out the structure on the Water New Zealand Group Training webpage, with links to WIPA, or other external websites
    • Continue to raise the profile of Stormwater Education & Training Plan with industry, but focused on decision makers at Taumata Arowai and NZIST (Centres of Vocational Excellence)
    • Strengthen ties between industry and tertiary 
  • Communication
    • Raise profile of Stormwater committee in wider industry
    • Foster relationships and collaboration across disciplines
    • Enhance communication and collaboration with wider industry

We welcome your comments and feedback - please contact the Stormwater Group liaison.

Water New Zealand members can view the Stormwater committee's details here.