The Stormwater Group's purpose is dedicated to sustainably improving flood resilience and enhancing social and cultural wellbeing by improving waterbody health within Aotearoa New Zealand.

Member interests are represented by an elected management committee, who co-ordinate across the following workstreams:
  • Communicates developments in regional and national stormwater policies.
  • Review regional and national stormwater related policies for consistency and industry best practice.
  • Provide specialist stormwater expertise to participate in cross-discipline or cross-sector initiatives that influence the group.
  • Delivers an annual national Stormwater Conference.
  • Ensure high quality papers and presentations which reflect the current and future needs of the industry.
  • Engages keynote speakers with highly significant industry relevance.
  • Engages with members through feedback to continuously improve year-on-year.
  • Hold regional meetings for sharing industry best practice and to provide a forum for discussing regional issues.
  • Hold national webinars via Water New Zealand to share industry best practice
  • Provide support to the Water New Zealand Training and Development Manager in delivering the actions and recommendations in the Stormwater Education, Training and Sector Development Plan.
  • Provide contributions to SIG communications and media, including Water magazine, LinkedIn Group, Pipeline.
  • Improve cross-silo integration - provide quick uptake by other industry groups that perhaps aren't aware of such principles and values (architects, planners, civil contractors, urban designers, resource and building consent officers, transport service providers etc).
  • Giving effect to Te Mana o te Wai
  • Planning for urban growth and development (through the lens of Te Mana o te Wai?)
  • The protection and promotion of the environment, ensuring the health and well being of wai is the first priority.
  • Improving resilience of three waters system to respond to natural hazards
  • Adaptation to future challenges like climate change.
  • Increasing awareness of core principles of Te Mana o te Wai (what it is, how we recognise it, how we measure it, how we protect it)
  • Advocacy for the partnership of mana whenua with industry
  • Advocating for the role of matauranga in 3 waters management

Stormwater Events

05 Oct

Stormwater Management In Brazil

Join the Stormwater Education Engagement and Training sub group for the second in a series of international speakers

18 Jan

Sustainable Stormwater Management in Singapore: A Tropical Example

Join the Stormwater Education Engagement and Training sub group for the third in a series of international speakers

15 May


Stormwater Conference 2024

More information released in late 2023

Stormwater Webinars

Stormwater Committee

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