Government Inquiry into Drinking Water

The next stage of the Government Inquiry into Havelock North Drinking Water is about to begin. Stage 2 will be the interesting stage for the industry as a whole as it explores the systemic issues nationally and what can be done to reduce the chances of another contamination event occurring elsewhere.

24 key Issues have been raised by the counsel assisting the inquiry. Issues 1 - Current Safety Havelock North Drinking Water and 2 - Drinking Water Partnerships and Collaboration will be discussed on the 27 th – 29 th June, with the remaining issues 3 – 24 being discussed in the week beginning 7 th August

A fact sheet was collated by Water New Zealand on issue 2 through a collaborative process involving a cross section of members, including Water Suppliers, Consultants and Industry Experts.

Other fact sheets and full list of stage 2 issues can be viewed on the DIA web site

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