MCDEM - Do you want to know what the Government will do in a Wellington earthquake event?

31 Jan 2019

Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management are pleased to announce the publication of the Wellington Earthquake National Initial Response Plan (WENIRP). The Plan is now available on the MCDEM website -

The WENIRP’s publication is the culmination of two years of multi-agency planning, focused on the testing of assumptions and the identification of support requirements between and across agencies. This has resulted in the development of an evidence base that has enhanced our understanding of the response priorities, and has enabled prioritisation and de-confliction of actions across the national response. The plan as strengthened and clarified response arrangements, and leaves us better placed to respond to a Wellington Earthquake.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have contributed to this process. Your engagement has been appreciated and I recognise that the Plan would not be where it is without the contributions from you and your teams.

With the WENIRP’s publication, our focus will shift to ensuring WENIRP is understood and embedded across the sector and that, if activated, agencies (including MCDEM), organisations and CDEM Groups are able to respond and meet their responsibilities.