Non-Flushable Products Reduction

Water New Zealand is a member of the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG). This is a group of water associations, utilities, and professionals are seeking to provide clear guidance on what should and should not be flushed down the toilet to protect customers, wastewater systems, their workers, and the environment.

This objective is supported by Publicly Available Standards (PAS) documents setting out the test protocols and other information supporting and referenced in the standard.

This group has created an international PAS to determine the requirements of what is flushable. PAS (3) was published in July 2018.

PAS1: Criteria for Recognition as a Flushable Product

PAS2: Terms and Definitions

PAS3: Disintegration Test Methods - Slosh Box.

As part of the national response Water New Zealand is seeing funding to assist with this project. To date 10 out of 67 entities have responded but more are always welcome. The resources these entities have provided are going towards:

  • Creating a joint Australia / New Zealand Flushability Standard based on PAS(1-3) and other documents.
  • Looking at having an independent test carried out on wipes currently available in New Zealand
  • Putting together a media communication toolbox to assist package

Background Information

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