Modelling Group - Past Presentations

Auckland Regional Meeting - 15 April 2015

Presentations: Tony Margevicius, AECOM
A Comparison of Four Types of Sewage Drop Structures through Physical Modelling

Nasrine Tomasi, Mott MacDonald Combining new technologies and Hydraulic Modelling: Towards Smart Water Supply Management

Dundein Regional Meeting - 3 Septemeber 2014

Presentations: Michael Goldsmith - ORC Assessment of Natural Hazards for the Dunedin City District Plan Review

Auckland Regional Meeting - 9 July 2014

Presentations: Jan Heijs - Heijs Consulting Ltd
Are we (you!) getting carried away

Dunedin Regional Meeting - 21 November 2013

Presentations: Louisa Sinclair - Dunedin City Council
Dunedin Rural Networks Wastewater & Water Modelling

Auckland Regional Meeting - 31 October 2013

Presentations: Mark Pennington - Tonkin & Taylor
New Zealand Rainfall and Runoff - an update from the steering group

Graeme Horrell - NIWA
High Intensity Rainfall Estimation in New Zealand

Dunedin Regional Meeting - 14 March 2013

Presentations : Michael Goldsmith, Jean Luc Payan - ORC
Flood Risk Management Strategy for Milton and the Tokomairiro Plain

Dunedin Regional Meeting - 11 October 2012

Presentations: Mark Baker, Tom lucas - Rationale
Queenstown Wastewater Modelling

Emma Fordyce - Masters Student Otago University
South Dunedin Groundwater Modelling

Auckland Regional Meeting - 18 October 2011

Ian Garside - Beca
Current state of rainfall and runoff approaches in New Zealand

Mark Pennington - Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd
The need for a national standard

Christchurch Regional Meeting - 29th June 2011

Jeff McLean - Opus
Reservoir Flow Balancing - Do I need that flow meter

Louisa Sinclair - DCC
Criticality Assessment using Critical Link Analysis

Dunedin Regional Meeting - 18th May 2011

Ian Garside - Beca
Three Waters Intergrated Modelling - a necessity, reality or pipe dream

Louisa Sinclair - DCC
Criticality Assessment using Critical Link Analysis

Christchurch Regional Meeting - 25th January 2011

Shaun Jones - AECOM
'Rapid' Flood Hazard Assessment for the Auckalnd CBD - An Overview'

Dan Johnson - OPUS
'The Transition from the Planning Environment to Operations'

Auckland Regional Meeting - 8th December 2010

Presentations: Jon Reed - BECA
'Retrofitting Low Impact Design Experience in London'

Asaad Shamseldin - Associate Professor, The University of Auckland
'LID Hydrology: Challenge and Opportunities in the Auckland Region'

Rob Tinholt - Modelling SIG Committee
'National Modelling Guidelines An update'